Thursday, September 13, 2012

Beta Channel Update

The Beta channel has been updated to 22.0.1229.56 for Windows, Mac, and Linux.  A complete log of what changed can be found in the svn revision log.  Instructions and download links for our different release channels are available on the Chromium wiki.  If you find what you think is a new bug, please file it in our issue tracker.

Jason Kersey
Google Chrome


Liverpool21 said...

just wondering if the developer channel got a new pepper flash

why the beta channel did not get the new pepper flash?

Seren said...

Pepperflash in new dev channel is still horrible and no better than the previous ones upto a month before it.
From what I can tell...

Fat Electron said...

Bangla and Hindi script issues are still present in this release. The spaces are being replaced with boxes. They've been present since the release of Chrome 20, and still not fixed!

Nicholas P. said...

This release appears to have removed the bundled, automatically updated version of NPAPI Flash on Windows. Unfortunately, there is a major problem with Pepper Flash on some Windows systems that causes 100% CPU usage on one core, making the system unusably slow.

I've tried to file a bug report about it, but no developers seem to be working on it. I'm so shocked that NPAPI Flash was removed when there is a terrible Pepper Flash bug. Here is the link to the issue:

I really want to get this fixed because it's turning people away from Chrome, as it makes their computers unusably slow. I've tried all I could with that bug report, so hopefully someone important will see this comment.

Liverpool21 said...


just filed bugs 149837 and 149869

bug 143452 which I filed earlier relating to high memory usage with gmail

could be related to issues with gpu and pepper flash

I attached my gpu report as it has 4 or 5 crashes that were in the last week or so on there

so if able to could u take a look

willing to provide more info but not sure what will be needed

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