Monday, August 6, 2012

Beta Channel Update

The Beta channel has been updated to 21.0.1180.64 for Mac, Linux, Windows and Chrome Frame

This build fixes:
  • more of the choppy and distorted audio issues  (Issue: 136624). 
  • Some known crashes (Issue: 140140)
  • Japanese characters showing in Chinese font (Issue: 140432)
  • Video playback issues with flash-based sites (Issue: 139953)
  • Sync invalidation notification broken after restart (Issue: 139424)

If you find new issues, please let us know by filing a bug at

Karen Grunberg
Google Chrome


Liverpool21 said...

pepper flash is causing more problems in this version for me

I know it been causing issues for my roommate on you tube a number of times since u pushed out the stable upgrade.

Sometimes it the advertising that is tripping up flash. So not sure if there something in the way they coded that Pepper is not handling.

hope that helps

Agus said...

This update has broken Chrome completely for me, it doesn't load anything! I can't even acces the settings new tab or any other option nor website :/ (Windows XP SP3)

Liverpool21 said...


what do u mean broke?

Did you try cleaning the cache out with ccleaner or similar program?

if that does not work then

did u uninstall and reinstall?

Liverpool21 said...

with 19 tabs open and not doing 2 much with them open

chrome seems to have a small but significant memory leak over time.

Anyone else seeing anything?

Karen said...

@agus do you have avast installed?

Mauro A. said...

I have the same problemm of @agus. I uninstal, reinstall, clean, and reinstal, and still with the same problemm.

@Karen yes iam, i have avast and i diseable all protections, and still having the same problemm

Mark Lunney said...

The new beta wasn't loading pages for me either, I found a fix by adding the '-no-sandbox' flag, I hope an official fix is pushed soon.

Peter Michael Sporer said...

This update has broken Chrome completely for me, it doesn't load anything!

Marcos David said...

I'm also having issues with this version and Avast. The --no-sandbox option seems to be a valid workaround but it isn't a very safe solution! How can I rollback to a previous version?

Mary H. Goudie said...

Basically chrome beta is broken. Have tried all the above & still the same problem. Suggestions please anyone.

Rudi Szabó said...

Same problem here..

--no-sandbox fixed it for now, but I'm not happy with this..

Roger said...

Nothing works for me either. Cannot open webpages or settings

Santi Peña said...

Nothing work for me in many machines, I had downgrade to an stable version. Bad Beta Release!

Leo Vap said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Leo Vap said...

This version does not work :(

I cannot open nothing (sites or settings)

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