Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Beta Channel Update

The Beta channel has been updated to 22.0.1229.26 for Windows, Mac, and Linux.  A complete log of what changed can be found in the svn revision log.  Instructions and download links for our different release channels are available on the Chromium wiki.  If you find what you think is a new bug, please file it in our issue tracker.

Jason Kersey
Google Chrome


Johnathon said...

Any sign of Pepper flash 11.4? I know Adobe make it, but due to bundling I need to ask you! :)

David Williams said...

I'd also like to know what's going on with Pepper flash.

Is there always going to be a delay after the NPAPI/ActiveX Flash releases?

What about security updates? Some security issues might not apply to the Pepper version, but that's not always going to be the case.

superpan said...

I can't add any breakpoint on the debugger console. Please check it.


jzero15 said...

Flash has been so unstable for a while.