Thursday, July 26, 2012

Beta Channel Update

The Beta channel has been updated to 21.0.1180.57 for Windows, Mac, Linux and ChromeFrame platforms

  • Fixed Youtube Drag & Drop Upload Not Working (Issue: 137024)
  • Fixed Calendar picker for <input type=date> is garbled in HiDPI (Issue: 136958)
    More details about additional changes are available in the svn log of all revisions. 

    If you find new issues, please let us know by filing a bug at

    Karen Grunberg
    Google Chrome


    Olivia Wilder said...

    Since this update I have random ads dispersed throughout my timeline on Facebook and between posted photos and comments that are NOT FB ads. I tested it being a Chrome issue by doing a system restore (Windows 7 Home Premium) to yesterday, and voila, the ads are gone. I want NO auto-updates! This is awful.

    flakefrost said...

    chrome should implement social networking notifications built into the browser. i think firefox and internet explorer would have to copy it as soon as it happens ofcoarse ;P

    Jared said...


    Your problem was obviously not related to Chrome beta or else other people would see it. The system restore probably went back to when you didn't have the malware installed.

    This updates working well for me.

    Vitus Capital said...


    Just installed Apple Mountain Lion. Running this beta with around 37 tabs open, some with flash, getting 94-95% idle cpu, with activity monitor using 3.7-4%.

    Somebody along the line massively fixed something.

    If it was youse guys and gals, waytago!

    Olivia Wilder said...


    I have the best malware protection and successfully scanned twice- no malware (before the restore). It's Chrome. Several of my FB friends are now complaining of the same thing.

    Admin said...

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    Olivia Wilder said...

    Sorry, Admin- I don't click on links from someone I don't know in a foreign language.

    Avinash Agrawal said...

    I would like a full Google Chrome cloud-experience on my phone (Samsung galaxy S3) : ie no more Sync of anything like contacts, photos. I have 4G internet on the phone, and just like Google Chrome on laptop, I would like to access the cloud data, and not have ANY need for local phone storage of contacts, photos etc. And I simply wish to view the cloud data, whether it is gmail, music, contacts, photos etc as needed. Also I would like to share my android (Samsung galaxy S3) phone with a couple of family members, so that each logs into their own profile (like the multiple profiles on Google chrome browser), and that way, each user of this phone has their own apps, photos, etc.

    Muhammad Azeem said...

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    gid said...

    Flash videos are no longer staying full-screen when they lose focus. Anyone else having this issue? The flash plugin for Firefox is working fine.

    Ryan said...

    gid, I just started having that issue today. Not sure what is going on, nor am I sure how to search for help on the issue.

    Ryan said...

    I believe after some serious searching and trying some things out, I have been able to isolate it down to an issue with Flash 11.3.