Thursday, June 28, 2012

Beta and Stable Channel Update

The Beta and Stable channel has been updated to 20.0.1132.47 for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome Frame. This release disables some of Chrome’s GPU acceleration features on Mac hardware containing the Intel HD 4000 graphics chip (e.g. the new Macbook Airs), in order to prevent a resource leak which is causing a kernel panic on that hardware. This is a temporary change while we work on fixing the root cause of the issue.

Full details about what changes are in this build are available in the SVN revision logInterested in switching release channels? Find out how. If you find a new issue, please let us know by filing a bug

Dharani Govindan
Google Chrome


Unknown said...

Anyone else getting error 12 on update attempt?

Vladimir Roudakov said...

I did first time. Opened about window one more time an it worked fine.

suzyque aka Susan C said...

I am on the beta channel for Chrome on my Windows laptop. When I first attempted to check for updates, it told me server was unavailable. I re-launched Chrome and it started searching and installing the update. Only thing, it updated to 20.0.1132.43 beta-m (btw, what's the -m mean???) and I re-checked for further updates, and it says I am up-to-date! But, I am NOT, according to the above Blog dated 6-28-12. Wonder what's up? What has happened to 20.0.1132.47?

Gonzalo Infante said...

Still not being able to use smooth scrolling even if it's enabled in about:flags.

Please! It would be so nice to have this working, guys :D

GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6370m

Using latest GPU driver available for Asus K52JT. (Which is updated to june,2011 or so).

UnsafeIO said...

Is this the issue involving address 0xffffff80002c4794?

Winter said...

Since this version (20.0.1132.47 m), Username ID no longer appear when clicking in the Yahoo ID box on Yahoo Mail login page.

Before that, when I went to, I just needed to click on the Yahoo ID box once and my username appears, and just needed to enter my password.

Dave said...

I'm working on a project that takes advantage of css3's 3d transforms and I've noticed that I'm getting a mouse event issue for objects being placed at a negative z-translate, they were working previously in Chrome 19's stable release (with a slight hack assigning z-translate to the parent objects) but in the stable release from July 28th (20.0.1132.47) it's not working; is this something that has been noticed, or is there any fix planned for 21? Thanks.